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  • Our whole family absolutely loves this material.
    Chaplain Jeremy

    We are doing the program as a family and it is a positive time of interaction and humor that we all look forward to.
    Wendy H.

    My kids love all of the exercises – especially when they can act out different animals, etc.
    Crysti S.

    Some of my favorite homeschool moments during the day are from our Homeschool PE Curriculum lesson. We often end in giggles over a game.

    My children are very active. They run, jump, climb trees and ropes, they play tag and have air~soft gun wars. I always considered this their P.E. time, little did I know that there were many muscles my children were not using.

    The kids were very excited to try this out! They got up extra early with eagerness to start their days with a P.E. lesson. My kids are 13, 8, and 4.

    You know an awful lot about my daughter who has Down syndrome and have shared in some of her struggles and have watched many of her successes......There were times when Gess didn't want it (Fitness 4 Homschool) to end and asked me to "play" more.



    1) Do the videos take you through the activity for the full exercise time?
    Or are the videos just a few minutes of samples?

    A. The videos are just a few seconds to a couple of minutes of the exercise. We don’t want you to waste hours in front of the computer watching videos. We want everyone doing the physical fitness program. The videos are to give you a real life example of what the kids will be doing. We used our own children in the videos, not some choreographed dance group to insure everyone gets real world examples.

    2) Can you purchase full set videos/written instructions etc. to be
    followed at your own pace?

    A. At this time we do not have an entire set up instructions / videos that can be purchased at one time. We do have a book version that comes with a DVD of all the demonstration videos.

    3) Does my subscription expire and then all the access to the information go away?

    Family Time Fitness subscriptions are monthly or yearly. When your subscription ends so does your access to the product. Any product you have downloaded you may use but not resell or distribute in any fashion.

    4) Do I have to buy new supplies or spend a lot of money on supplies?

    A) I think most households will have the equipment necessary for all of our
    lessons. Here is a link to the list of equipment ( Click Here) that will enhance the lessons. If you don't have multiple balls or hoops, that's no biggie... They simply take turns.

    5) How will I receive my program?

    A) You will receive the introduction to the program and the first few weeks of lesson plans. This is to get you started and not overwhelm you with new information. It gives you a chance to read the material and get any questions you have answered. We then give access to the remaining lessons every few weeks.

    6) Will I need any special programs to veiw the material?

    A) You will only need any email address to recieve your fitness activities, reminders and tips. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar PDF reading program. We have provided two links below to Free PDF Reading software

    Adobe PDF Reader

    Nuance PDF Reader

    7) I cannot get the links to work in Acrobat Reader ?

    A) You can try this solution below to see if that helps.

    A: Open your preferred browser. Reader 9.0 may not open it for you.
    B: Open the "edit" menu, go to the bottom and click on "preferences."
    C: At the top under "categories:" click on "documents."
    D: Down at the bottom, under "PDF/A view mode," click on "never."
    E: Click on "OK" to exit.

    8) I cannot get the link to the download page for the Assessment to work. What can I do?

    Click Here to Access the download page with the Assessment Tools and Additional Tools

    9) Can I do this program in-home or do I have to go to a gym?

    A.) This program is designed for a homeschool parent to teach in-home physical education to their children.
    No gym is required or necessary.

    10) I cannot get the program to work on my Iphone, Ipad or Itouch?

    A.)Below are two options for Apple Products:

    Link to iBooks
    We recommend using iBook since it is FREE!

    There is a Paid App called Good Reader, it is $2.99 at the Apple App Store.
    Link to Good Reader

    11) Is this program only available in the United States?

    A.) You can get this program anywhere in the world you have an internet connection and an email address!

    Feel free to contact us if you need any additional ideas about alternative that can be used in our program.

    12) Can I get a Free Trial of your program?

    A.) Sure just click on this link Free Trial - Fitness 4 Homeschool and we will send you a two day free trial.

    13) Are any of your products meant to cure any condition or disease?

    A.) The ideas, procedures, and suggestions contained in this website or product offered within the website are not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician. All matters regarding your health may require medical supervision.

    14) Can I get a Refund?

    A.) Due to the nature of Digital Products Family Time Fitness will not provide a refund on downloaded product. Once you have downloaded the product you own it. You cannot resell it. If you purchased the book version we will accept returns with a 35% restocking fee.

    Chargebacks fees from individuals not reading or following this policy will be billed to the customer.

    15) Does the Core Curriculum for K-8th have a Scope and Sequence?

    A.) Yes , we have a formal Scope and Sequence. Please click here to view the Scope and Sequence.

    16) How do I use the K-5th Workbooks?

    A.) The workbooks are provided to strengthen the understanding of the physical, nutritional, fitness, and wellnes terminology utilized in the lessons. It also expands on those concepts. The workbooks can be used to introduce and teach the basic concepts and language of health and wellness.

    17)Can I use the workbooks with any interactive iPad apps?

    A.) Absolutely, there are a couple of inexpensive apps that you can use:



    The Family Time Fitness Team



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